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Susan Arruda's

The 12 Workouts That Are Going To 
Rock Your Core...
and make your core rock hard!
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Do you want to define your upper, mid and lower abs?
Can you strengthen your core and develop “fitness model” abs 
that are flat and sleek, and not bulky?
You absolutely can and I will show you exactly how to do it!
Hi,  I'm Susan Arruda, a 48 year old mom of 2  with a full time job and I've won 6  fitness titles and achieved award winning abs by doing more than just mere, simple crunches! 

I developed a way to torch and develop my abs on a multiplanar level. In short, I hit every conceivable angle of my abs. First they begged for mercy, then they begged for a bikini.  Did it work? The images you see on this page are of me, after having 2 kids, natural childbirth.

You have seen the trend lately on bodybuilding stages; abs pushing out like a hernia. I am pretty sure that is not the look most women want for their midsection and yet, you could be training your abs to eventually develop like that right now, without even knowing it! 

As far as “loads” go,  I very rarely use loads (added weights) in my ab training.  I have always engaged the power of dynamic, static and isometric contractions using just my own body weight, along with changing up my ab routine and exercises frequently.  But when I began to focus more on multiplanar, eccentric training and the recruitment of the transversus abdominis (TVA/TA) , my abs began to look and feel like Michelangelo was chiseling away on me! 

Please take a moment to view the video and see the descriptions of the workouts below.  The bonuses alone, will challenge your core in massive ways. You will have to dig deep and stay committed to getting stronger, and when you do, your core will go from "so so" - to "oh so seriously sexy!"

Here is what you get...
Each workout is presented in video format
How To Engage the TVA
Every workout in Seriously Sexy Abs is based upon proper engagement and contraction of the TVA (Transversus Abdominis).

This instructional segment is vital to the rest of the program and to maximizing proper core development and isolation. Be sure to start with the moves outlined here after the talking segment and practice them frequently in order to master the draw in; the basis surrounding all the abdominal exercises.

Core Galore TVA! Workout 1
This is where things start getting hot, well, warm at first!  A warm up created especially to engage the core so that when you get down to chiseling your midesection, your muscles are ready to fire and support you!

This warmup is followed directly by your PHASE 1 Workout
TVA Activation 
Workout 2
In this session we continue to master the engagement of the TVA increasing intensity and application.

TVA Activation 
Workout 3
In this advanced TVA activation session, the workout intensity increases, setting the tone for the more challenging workouts that follow. 

Anywhere Abs 
Workout 4
This "no equipment" workout is perfect if you are travelling, want to get outdoors, or have no gym or equipment handy.
However, no equipment” doesn’t by any means equate to "no challenge.”  Body weight and precise isolation through mind-muscle connection is facilitated in this session to up the intensity, torch your core for a flatter, cinched waistline.

Bench Abs
Workout 5
  •  VIEW IT & DO IT
Sometimes silence is golden. but in this case, it may be necessary! You will not hear my voice during this “View It & Do It" workout.

The pace and intensity do not let up and the moves transition quickly, so make sure to keep an eye on your screen for when to progress to the next exercise. Chisel away and get through it!

Total Core Control
Workout 6
S-L-0-W burn would be one way to describe this total core workout. 
Here, we manipulate speed and tempo to intensify and increase the quality of contraction which you will feel deep in your core!

Don't cheat on the moves and do all you can to execute as strictly as possible.
Work at your own pace, be consistent and you will progress over time! 

Lower Abs Hyperfocus
Workout 7
There are two areas I often hear people wish to change; the love handles and the lower abs.

This workout targets the lower abs using functional moves and strategic isometric contractions to burn, strengthen and sculpt.

Isolation Overdrive
Workout 8
By now we know that the TVA and overall core are functional endurance muscles involved in nearly everything we do whether in, or out of the gym.

Although certain moves involve the core in some way, this workout isolates the abs with a hyper-focus on deep core exercises for a flat and sleek midsection.

Power Planks
Workout 9
If you have ever trained abs, you know the plank is a staple exercise. But a standard plank has limited benefits!

This workout takes planking to a multi-target level, hitting your core with a variety of angles above and beyond a standard plank.

The Power of the Negative
Workout 10
This workout focuses on the often overlooked eccentric phase of core training. Strict control in the lengthening of the muscle brings maximum overload and burn, burn, burn!  

Force is significantly increased in the negative phase requiring greater recruitment of muscle fibers for maximum strength gains and sculpting.
Lower Abs -
Intensive Eccentrics
Workout 11
Eccentric training and a lower abs focus makes this session super intense. 

This workout features moves that demand controlled movement and zero momentum for a hyper focus on ab isolation.

Remember to always refer to the session, "How to Engage the TVA" to ensure all your movements are executed with purpose and focus.
Foam Roller - Total Body & Core Focus
Workout 12
This workout introduces one of my favourite pieces of equipment, especially when it comes to total core training - the foam roller!

Along with other exercises, planks are redefined as instability training protocols target muscles you may not have ever felt before.

Get the ‘hang’ of these hanging workouts for a superb core challenge.
Whether it’s a pull up bar or the playground monkey bars, this apparatus is a superstar for adding an extreme challenge to the abs and core.  These hanging workouts will increase your core strength, while your grip and upper body strength will also benefit, as a result! Slow and controlled is the name of the game for many of these moves, ensuring no momentum and all muscle fibres of the core get involved! 
Pull Up Bar Abs/Core Workout
Pull Up Bar  -
Bonus Moves
Hanging Abs and
Core Exercises
Mega Core! 
3  Challenging  Ab Exercises!
A few concentrated exercise movements are all that’s required to get you feeling your deep core. These moves will undoubtedly challenge and change your abdominals.
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